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Lotus Drop Earrings with NIOBIUM Ear wires

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Blue Labradorite | Brass Lotus Petal Drop Earrings

** This pair of earrings will have shortened ear wires (3/4 inch drop) AND Niobium Ear Wires**

>> Float upon the still waters, of the chalice, of your innermost sanctuary
>> A lotus, nourished by the murky, yet uncompromisingly, fertile depths
>> Lightweight, high quality materials & latching ear wires make these earrings functional & comfortable

Antiqued Brass & Niobium
Faceted Labradorite
Nickel Free

:: MEDICINE :: illuminates the light within the darkness :: purity :: soul connection ::
>> To learn more about the medicinal properties of this stone, visit our Labradorite Mineral Profile

:: SIZING ::
Earring Length = approx. 2.5 inches (90 mm)  
Earring Width =  approx. 1.25 inches (30 mm)
Ear Wire Length = approx. .75 inches (45 mm)

>> Hypoallergenic Niobium Ear Wires for SENSITIVE EARS <<
Include handmade Niobium ear wires. Niobium is an inert (non-reactive) rare earth metal that is hypoallergenic, lightweight and non-tarnishing. Even the most sensitive earlobes will tolerate Niobium. I am personally unable to wear anything but Niobium or Titanium in my ears, and have found this to be true of everyone with a similar sensitivity level.


>> All Joy Road Jewelry pieces are designed, built, riveted and stone-set by me, Carrie Redfern.
>> I strive to create well built adornments that will withstand the test of time.
>> I source high quality metals and gemstones for every creation.
>> Although you will not receive the *EXACT* jewelry piece & gemstone in the photo, your jewelry piece & gemstone will be of comparable size, color and quality.